• Bird watching

    Let your hidden desires have wings. See variety of birds and enjoy observing them. Let the chirping cheer up your spirits.
  • Cycling

    Enjoy a ride with natural world. Shift from two legs to two wheels. Get young, get jovial. Get in a mood, forget the trivial.
  • Plantation

    Daily routines don't give people a chance to connect with nature. Let's have an earthy connection with plants.
  • Village Walk

    Smell the best of Mitti-di-Khushboo here. The fragrance here is so nostalgic that will make you forget yourself in the aroma of village life.
  • Cooking

    Take a break from day-to-day chores, forget kitchen and the aftermath. Squeeze the heat of our home-made food.
  • Trek & Trails

    This is a golden chance for trekkers. Trail the footprints of history in your present and have lots of future memories. Trek it, trail it.
  • Bonfire

    A perfect chance to wake a singer within you. Breeze at night, fire at level hot. An ideal get together, three cheers for bonfire.
  • Organic Farming

    Have a farming experience once in your lifetime. It's so connecting. Participate in farming activities and get some new experience.
  • In house games

    Tired of roaming outdoor? Let's have fun indoor. We have number of in-house games you will have fun playing them with your loved ones.