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Go Agri Tourism

Nature and adventure, what an amazing combination it would be! Go Agri Tourism in Kolambi, Velha gives you the exact feel. It is so mollycoddling that you would never want to leave the place. It's a different feeling to stay at farms and experience the nature and adventure. It's sentimental as well as sensational. Sentiments which never fade away. Sensations which lift up your spirits.
Go Agri Tourism is a perfect rendezvous from your routines. Put aside your work, gather up your buddies, come to Go Agri Tourism and Just Chill. A fantastic stay that makes you feel stay. When life goes wrong, come here to take right decisions. When life goes just, come here and celebrate. Have any mood and Go Agri Tourism makes you feel incredible.
Kolambi village in Velha is crowned with unbelievably enormous scenery. A panorama that takes you to another world. A heavenly milieu that makes you forget everything. Go Agri Tourism is exactly located in between these scenarios. Such a wonderful view! But that's not the only thing that makes Go Agri Tourism special. Your stay here is full of activities. Several activities are offered here such as trekking, farming, bird watching, cycling, village walk and so many.
But what is the best time to visit Go Agri Tourism? ANYTIME is the best to stay in here. As monsoon brings the greenery, you can say monsoon is much enjoyable with us. In the other seasons, enjoy the changing moods of blue sky and the night mood with bonfire. This is not just a holiday destination. This is the best picnic indulgence of all the time.
Visit to Go Agri Tourism and share the most precious moments with your loved ones.


Farmstay a unique experience away from our routine lifestyle. Individuals, Families and group stay on farm surrounded by virgin nature with totally homely feel understanding the way of life of local people.
Stay on farm is enjoyable with participation in range of farm activities like feeding the farm animals, fruit picking, swimming in waterholes, gardening and weedingor simply watching rare birds.
Being done with it you are serve with delicious local food most of the vegetable and fruit used are grown in our own backyard of the farm. In evening relax and watch the changing moods of sky with cup of refreshing Tea and campfire night to remember. If you are adventures than you visit nearby tourist paces like fort and waterfalls and other bushwalking locations.

Why Choose us

  • Tour the farm and experience the daily farm activities.

  • Stay in farmhouse and enjoy conversation with your farm host.

  • Indulge in delicious home cooked meal.

Why Chose us

  • Have fun playing in/out door games.

  • Enjoy virgin nature, changing colours of the sky and singing birds.

  • Do the things anti clockwise.